Le Mega Pixel
Interactive artwork

Artist Konrad Loder proposes an original and interactive artwork within the Telecoms Saint-Etienne engineering school and has enlisted the help of Nokinomo to assist in the realization of this installation.

The proposed project functions as a massive technical device aimed at questioning the visitor. The latter often perceives the external world through the lens of the screen. However, is this representation truly faithful to reality?

In the school's lobby, a sculpture resembling a satellite floats in the air. It carries a camera that captures, in real-time, the scene below. On the ground, a graphic intervention determines the boundaries of measurement and the scrolling frame of the students. Among the millions of pixels in the digital image captured by the camera, only the pixel in the middle will be retained and processed. One side of the sculpture features a translucent hexagon whose color constantly changes based on the color of the analyzed pixel. The satellite continuously transmits the characteristics of the analyzed pixel to another part of the project, called the Mega Pixel.

  • Konrad Loder
  • Saint-Etienne
  • Perenne
  • Boris Raux
  • Nokinomo