Vuitton, London
Dynamic displays

Louis Vuitton, the renowned luxury trunk maker, recently inaugurated its largest European boutique on London's prestigious New Bond Street. Spanning an impressive 1,500 square meters, Nokinomo has intervened on the animations of the bag bar and scarf area.

The bag bar, an expansive wall installation comprised of meticulously crafted niches and panels adorned with the iconic monogram, serves as a captivating showcase for Louis Vuitton's exquisite bags. Bathed in subtle variations of light, the panels seem to pulsate with energy, while the niches gracefully shift, orchestrating a mesmerizing choreography.

In another section, scarves, elevated to the status of fine art, elegantly traverse among vibrant panels. The nuanced play of light delicately mirrors the scarves' movements, giving rise to an endless array of captivating compositions.

  • Vuitton
  • New Bond Street, Londres
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  • Peter Marino
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