Citröen, Creative Tour
Interactive installation

For the 80th anniversary of the Yellow Cruise, which once connected Beirut to Beijing, Citroën invites the public to celebrate one of the most extraordinary human and mechanical adventures in automotive history by opening the doors to the CITROËN CREATIVE TOUR.

As an itinerant exhibition (Paris, Berlin, Moscow) for discovery and a window into the future, the CITROËN CREATIVE TOUR offers visitors an original and playful journey through iconic Citroën models in an artistic environment.

As part of this exhibition, Nokinomo collaborated with Dominique Playoust, curator of the Creative Tour exhibition, in the implementation of 3 original installations.

  • Citröen
  • Paris, Berlin, Moscow
  • Temporary
  • Interdits de nuit
  • Dominique Playoust
  • Nokinomo