Grand Var mall
Interactive aquarium 

In the children's area of the Grand Var shopping center in Toulon, an aquatic universe inhabited by fish with beautiful colorful adornments is projected onto a wall measuring 6 meters wide by 2.5 meters high.

Various levels of interaction are offered. Children can pet dolphins, play with bubbles, chase small fish, or listen to a story.

Each species exhibits specific behavior. Tunas reveal their fins, the shark opens its mouth, the dolphin adorns itself with a rainbow-colored robe and emits small cries, and other surprises await.

  • Grand Var Mall
  • Toulon, France
  • Perenne
  • Rouge Cobalt & Nokinomo
  • Nokinomo, Datoo, Mââ Berriet
  • Nokinomo, Datoo, Mââ Berriet
  • Natalia Leschi