Radi Designers
Sensitive rug Vu

The rug sometimes leads an ungrateful existence. Flat, we walk on it, and due to its lack of volume, it does not belong to the club of design objects and flirts with being a decorative object. The "seen" rug is compact like a colorful and animated figure, suggesting a respect for its presence.

The design is inspired by geometric representations of sound phenomena in a space, like a wave developing from an apparent point of origin. The leaf shape results from an asymmetrical expansion in space, like a spreading stain producing a series of contour lines.

The object emancipates itself from the usual discretion by reacting to ambient sound variations, as if signaling a desire to be part of the room's life, akin to a dog wagging its tail. The higher the sound, the more the light invades the rug, like a VU meter of the room it is placed in. A network of LED lights is invisibly integrated into the rug's fibers.

  • Radi Designer
  • Paris
  • Atelier Pinton
  • Nokinomo