School's media library, Puteaux
Underwater exploration

The town hall of Puteaux commissions Datoo and Nokinomo to imagine and install an entertaining, educational, and interactive device in the Parmentier school's media library.

The installation invites children to embark on a journey of exploration. Inside the lighthouse, the child takes control by operating the transmitter lever, allowing them to admire videos of underwater scenes displayed in the porthole in front of them.

Depending on the lever's position, the child can slow down, stop, or accelerate the playback of the images and switch between different underwater environments. They can thus travel from cold seas to warm seas and discover, through the porthole, the animals that inhabit the seabed.

  • Town hall of Puteaux
  • School, Puteaux, France
  • Perenne
  • Datoo & Nokinomo
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