Qatar museum / Year of Culture 
Garden of Light 

As part of the France-Qatar Cultural Year, Qatari artist Ghada Al Khater collaborates with Bonjour Lab to create a digital, interactive, and multisensory artwork.

Jardin de Lumière offers a reinterpretation of the Persian carpet. As the visitor strolls through the visual, auditory, and olfactory artwork, the carpet of light comes to life, revealing the fauna and flora of Qatar. 

Nokinomo is responsible for the interactive system, presence detection, and motion tracking on the fifteen-meter-long by seven-meter-wide platform.

  • Qatar Museum
  • Auditoire
  • Champs Elysées
  • Temporary, Nuit Blanche 2020
  • Ghada Al Khater & Bonjour lab
  • Bonjour lab
  • Bonjour lab
  • Bonjour lab
  • Lagoon Studio, Florian Coppier
  • Fosphor
  • Nokinomo