Amiens Cathedral
Interactive Herbarium

As part of the "Chroma, l'expérience intimiste" spectacle by Spectre Lab studio, presented on the facade of Amiens Cathedral, an intimate, dreamlike, and interactive experience awaits visitors.

Nestled beside the cathedral, within the bishop's garden, an enchanting scene unfolds as an interactive herbarium is projected onto the facade of a nearby building. This botanical display transports viewers to the medieval era, showcasing flora from centuries past. Within this captivating setting, a grand framework invites visitors to engage with the herbarium in a uniquely interactive manner. Through simple gestures performed within the frame, visitors breathe life into the botanical specimens, illuminating, revealing, and infusing them with vibrant color.

  • Ville d'Amiens
  • Cathedral, Amiens, France
  • Temporary
  • Spectre Lab & Nokinomo
  • Spectre Lab
  • Nokinomo
  • VLS