Magical wall and illuminated wood panelled staircase

Video projections, LED, illuminated animations, presence detection

The total renovation of the Yves Rocher shop in the Champs Elysées has provided Workshop with the perfect canvas for a new LAB design and other innovative ideas, such as the digital experience wall. The design agency called upon Nokinomo for the construction of the interactive designer wall and the installation of illuminated wooden panels along the staircase.

Magical designer wall

A broad frieze running the length of the corridor relates the history of Yves Rocher and the transformation of plants into beauty products.

The frieze contains actual decorative objects (glass phials) as well as screen printed images, with illuminated animations projected onto it to enhance the illustrations. The effect is simply fabulous! And very enticing, encouraging people to come for a closer look.

The illustrations come to life as if by magic.

In some places the inquisitive visitor can interact with the wall by touching it, and thus create his or her own illuminated animation.

Yves Rocher staircase has a surprise in store!

Through an invisible transparent layer a tree suddenly begins to appear, much to the surprise of the onlooker.

This fascinating animated feature attracts customers, who climb the stairs and thus discover the skin care floor.

Champs Elysées, Paris