Vuitton, bag bar animations and scarf space

luxury boutique

The luxury retailer in leather goods Louis Vuitton just opened it’s biggest European boutique in New Bond Stree, London.

In this 1 500 m² shop, Nokinomo has set up some of the animations for the bag bar and the scarf space.

The bag bar

The bags are disposed in big wall furniture composed of niches and panels engraved with the famous Vuitton monogram. Subtle variations of lights on the panels seem to bring them to life while the niches slowly move in a dreamy dance.


Animation du bagbar, boutique Vuitton, Londres de nokinomo.

Scarf space

In another area, the scarves exposed like artwork, move among the coloured panels. The movements of light harmoniously respond to the movements of the scarves creating an infinite number of different patterns.