Visio, interactive board

object, interactivity

The artwork Visio is the result of a common work of Ignazio Mottola, interactive designer and the painter Gregorio Rigotti.

The painting represents the stylized portrait of a woman, a mysterious face suggesting the nostalgia of lost love.

Our goal was to animate this face and create a dialogue with the visitors.

As you approach the portrait, just like in a mirror, the image gets closer. If you slightly tip your head on the right, the woman follows you with her eyes. If you talk, her mouth will whisper something… her eyes, her mouth react also to the contact of fingers on the interactive screen. If you tickle her nose, she disappears. If you try to touch the screen everywhere hoping for her to come back, the screens gets covered with flowers.

How many flowers will it take for this enigmatic woman to come back? She will finally appear once again to establish with the visitors on the other side of the screen this magical dialogue.

Painter artist
Ignazio Mottola
Gregorio Rigotti