Plant Arcade at So Ouest: illuminated wood panels

light sequences, olfactive design, presence sensor

In the new So Ouest shopping centre at Levallois, the Plant Arcade has a subtle surprise in store for visitors.

The décor comprises a recurring motif found across the shopping centre, embodied in an ensemble of wood panels topped with green plants that vivify the arcade. A quality of refinement pervades.

Sensors detect the presence of the passer-by and trigger a display that is discreet and yet surprising. Glowing plant motifs start to appear, as though growing along the wood panels.

The wood is thus clothed in a luminous image, discreetly at first then with increasing intensity until the image fades away, leaving in its place a delicate fig-tree aroma.

Contracting authority
Project manager
Artistic director
Project study, development & management
Raymond Interactive
Nokinomo & Datoo
Sacré Bonus
Ferme de Gally
So Ouest, shopping centre near Paris