Automatic photo machine in the Portrait Arcade at So Ouest

interactive terminal

At the Jules Guesdes entrance of the new So Ouest shopping centre at Levallois, on a 16 m high wall, a portrait gallery displays a multitude of paintings from the 19th century, photos from the 1950s and 3 completely contemporary screens.

Two of the screens show almost motionless portrait videos, where occasional movements surprise observers; the third screen displays portraits created using the interactive terminal.

This terminal invites visitors to the shopping centre to photograph themselves and choose an effect-filter for their snapshot (Warhol screenprint, pencil drawing, sepia, lomography, etc.).

The user can then display the portrait on the large portrait gallery screen and may, if he/she wishes, type in an email address in order to receive a photo of the portrait wall with his/her photo in it.

Contracting authority
Project manager
Artistic director
Conception &development
Saguez & Partners
Raymond Interactive
Nokinomo & Datoo
So Ouest, shopping centre near Paris