Giant interactive aquarium

full HD screen, 3D, kinect

Take a dive into the deep blue sea at the new So Ouest shopping centre at Levallois!

In the Marine Arcade, at basement-level, you might find yourself face to face with the mischievous smile of a huge cetacean! Or enjoying the nonchalant, supple movements of a powerful shark, and the dazzling, twirling dance of hundreds of small fish…

Don’t be surprised if the cetacean stares or a passing shoal of fish swirl to face you as you approach the aquarium. No need to panic!

Not only does this giant aquarium provide an aquatic feast for the eyes, but the sea-creatures actually interact with passers-by!

Contracting authority
Project manager
Artistic director
Project study & management
3D creatures
Saguez & Partners
Raymond Interactive
Nokinomo & Datoo
Emmanuel Mâa Berriet
Patrice Mugnier
So Ouest, shopping centre near Paris