An aerial display

staging, underground quarries, levitation, video projection, sound laser

The impressive white stone temples that house Doué-la-Fontaine's falun quarries (a type of sandstone), were dug by the hands of those who extracted the rock.

As a tribute to their work, we produced a magical display worthy of the equally majestic setting, in the last two rooms of the visit.

A levitating block of falun

In the first room, with a 12m-high ceiling, a block of stone floats gently around in the air, with short films projected on the walls depicting the gruelling work in the quarries.

Quarrymen's stories

In the second room, visitors are invited to listen to quarrymen's stories as they wander through a chamber where the falun was extracted.

The quarrymen's names carved in the wall appear and disappear in the softly pulsating light.

Sound Design
scientific advisors
Nokinomo & Lucie Lom
Patrice Grupallo
Video Facilities
Michel Cousin & Laurent Aubineau
Jean Guichard & François Samson
Loire Valley, France