The "vu" (see) rug of the Radi Designers

rug, design, light

A rug can have a boring life. Flat on the floor, we walk on it and this lack of volume makes it uninteresting has a design object but just a mere decoration object. The "vu" rug is compact, a colourful and animated figure which gains attention.

The design is inspired by the geometric graphics of sounds in space, like a sound wave developing from a source. The leaf form results of the dissymmetric expansion in space, like a stain that grows and draws bigger and bigger curbs.

The object is less and less discreet and reacts to ambient sounds, like if it wanted to take more place in the room. When the sound goes up, the rug is submerged by light thanks to the network of LEDS hidden in the rug’s material.

Radi Designers
Pinton workshop