Interactive installations, Bergères school in Puteaux

Fun device, interactivity, video projection, children's area

The town hall of Puteaux assigns Datoo and Nokinomo to imagine and install fun, educational and interactive devices in the new Les Bergères primary school in Puteaux

Knowledge wall

The large wall of the school's reception hall becomes an interactive wall with magic screens (holographic wheels) and three large buttons to answer the questions asked (mathematics, French, English, geography).

A simple installation, invisible at rest and very captivating in action.

The portrait gallery

An interactive gallery of historical portraits is installed in the long corridor leading from the lobby to the canteen. These portraits are presented on a decoration representing a chronological frieze.

Interactive portraits are screens in a frame with a canopy. They appear as real paintings containing a historical portrait in black and white, engraving type, when no one is present. When a child walks past a screen, the image changes to color and he/she sees him/herself disguised as a historical figure: his/her face is integrated into the portrait.

This costume comes alive to showcase a particular character or anecdote about the character: for example, Henry IV's Chicken in the Pot.

Town hall of Puteaux 
Nokinomo & Datoo
Nokinomo & Datoo
Ecole Les Bergères, Puteaux, France