Real time video insert for Peugeot

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For the summer season, the Peugeot Avenue showroom on the Champs Elysées is putting on a Concours d’Elegance worthy of the digital age - Allure 2.0.

The backdrop for this event comprises the 4 vehicles on display (the 402 Be Coach convertible, the 402 Darl'Mat, the EX1 and the 308 CC). Each vehicle is adorned with designer items (fancy leather goods, boots, etc.), as well as accessories on sale in the Peugeot boutique.

Nokinomo, under the auspices of Raymond Interactive, has designed the Concours d’Elegance 2.0 around an interactive photo studio.

A corner of the showroom has been convincingly transformed into a professional photographic studio where visitors can be snapped with the vehicle of their choice.

A touch-sensitive terminal allows the visitor to select one of the 4 decors in the showroom.

He then strikes his pose between the blue background and the camera.
On the big screen opposite, he can see himself superimposed on the chosen decor.
The photo can then be sent by email in the form of a digital postcard or shared on the Peugeot Facebook page, where a free trip can be won.

Peugeot Avenue : 136, avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008 Paris

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