Micro Nap Space

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In June 2009, France Télécom-Orange opened a debate on rest at work, calling upon the services of Cité du Design commissioned designer Marie-Virginie Berbet. Based in the Vivier Merle call centre in Lyon, the aim of the study was to develop a range of facilities to offer employees the means to relax and/or rest within the work environment.

The graduated rest area designed by Marie-Virginie Berbet encompassed several approaches offering different forms of relaxation. From this broad base, the two most innovative approaches were selected by France Télécom-Orange for further trial and development: the (calm) SPACE, a micro nap and rest space, and the (calm) CHAIR, a relaxation module consisting of a chair and a light.

We were involved in Marie-Virigine Berbet’s development and creation of the (calm) SPACE.

The (calm) SPACE

The (calm) SPACE is a one-person power nap and rest capsule specially designed to create an ideal physiological environment for short naps. The capsule benefits from a range of recent scientific and medical advances, and incorporates NightCove technology. This technology produces a series of specific sound and light sequences for 10, 15 or 20 minute naps. The light wavelengths emitted in the spectrum where melatonin is secreted* are calibrated with regard to the body’s need for the sleep hormone.

*Early in the sleep cycle, the light wavelengths are chosen to help the subject fall asleep. Towards the end of the cycle, the light wavelengths emitted block the secretion of melatonin, having a stimulating effect on the organism and preparing it for a return to activity.

Conception & Design
France Télécom - Orange
Marie-Virginie Berbet
Mathias Ridde