Nuit d'été (Summer night), Observeur design 2010 label, exposed at the “Cité des sciences”

textile design, tapestry, interactivity

This product is the result of an artistic representation of bioluminescence and light emitted by fireflies on summer nights.

The ornaments and patterns of this textile creation will appear with the light effects playing on transparency and thickness of the cloth. Sensors are used to control different types and levels of light while creating an interaction with the public and the environment. The artwork can detect different kind of data and adapt to various interactivity scenario thus creating a unique atmosphere and sensorial experience.

This interactive tapestry appeals to the eyesight, the sense of touch, audition and even olfaction depending on the interactive scenario chosen. This product is not only attractive, it also offers many advantages compared to a classic multimedia communication object. A mere electronic card pilots the LEDS, this reducing considerably the impact on the visual environment compared to a computer and a screen. Using sensors allows activating the system only when public is present avoiding the use of a permanently lighted showcase.

Textile design
Brigitte Guillet