WaSnake, connected object

design, interactivity, VIA, Interface(s)

Nokinomo has accompagnied Jean-Louis Frechin, who founded the society NoDesign, to find solutions and set in place four objects for the project "Interface(s)".

"Interface(s)" proposes a mix of new technologies and interactive objects for the household: furniture, decoration, comfort elements, lights that can be interactive or propose online services.

With this project, Jean-Louis Frechin, assisted by Uros Petrevski, won in 2008 the « White Card » award of the VIA (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement / Valorisation of Innovative Furniture), which rewards a designer every year for the originality and maturity of his creative work.

The VIA promotes creation in furniture conception in France and abroad.

WaSnake is a set of configurable shelves that can be put in place according to your inspiration and available space. They are equipped with coloured LEDs and optical fibres that fill blocks periodically along the shelf. SMS and RSS feeds can be chosen to scroll across the length of each display.

To choose the canal, you just have to tap lightly the shelves.



Jean-Louis Frechin
Uros Petrevski