Wapix, interactive photo frame

design, interactivité, VIA, Interface(s)

Nokinomo has accompagnied Jean-Louis Frechin, who founded the society NoDesign, to find solutions and set in place four objects for the project "Interface(s)".

"Interface(s)" proposes a mix of new technologies and interactive objects for the household: furniture, decoration, comfort elements, lights that can be interactive or propose online services.

With this project, Jean-Louis Frechin, assisted by Uros Petrevski, won in 2008 the « White Card » award of the VIA (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement / Valorisation of Innovative Furniture), which rewards a designer every year for the originality and maturity of his creative work.

The VIA promotes creation in furniture conception in France and abroad.

Wapix is a system chronopictographic digital photo frames that can connect with each others through a wireless link and images can pass from one display to another – it is composed of translucent LCD screens and sensors that allow them to communicate one with the other.
By setting the screens next to each other, we can see the image passing from one screen to the other. The speed of this animation is controlled by the distance between each screen.



Jean-Louis Frechin
Uros Petrevski