Wazz shelf, music diffusion

design, interactivity, VIA, Interface(s)

Nokinomo has accompagnied Jean-Louis Frechin, who founded the society NoDesign, to find solutions and set in place four objects for the project "Interface(s)".

"Interface(s)" proposes a mix of new technologies and interactive objects for the household: furniture, decoration, comfort elements, lights that can be interactive or propose online services.

With this project, Jean-Louis Frechin, assisted by Uros Petrevski, won in 2008 the « White Card » award of the VIA (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement / Valorisation of Innovative Furniture), which rewards a designer every year for the originality and maturity of his creative work.

The VIA promotes creation in furniture conception in France and abroad.

Waaz is a shelf. It is also a stereo set which enables audio diffusion and archiving digital music files (MP3) connected to a computer. The interface of selection and launching of the audio files is original: it doesn’t exists! To launch or stop the music, you just drop an audio CD, a MP3 pocket, audio book or vinyl on top of the shelf.


Jean-Louis Frechin
Uros Petrevski