Fun and Interactive exhibits at "OL Le Musée"

Selfies, video projection, target game, commentary booth, foot pong

Inside the Groupama Stadium is the new Olympique Lyonnais football museum, OL Le Musée. The 1300 m2 space brings visitors closer to some of the women and men who have made the club famous since its inception in 1950.

The museum constructed by Agence NC celebrates powerful moments in the history of OL, with numerous documents and manuscripts on display, interviews with former players and coaches to watch, and lots of fun for visitors with innovative interactive experiences.

The interactive devices have been designed specifically for this venue. Visitors can show off their football skills with the target game, find out what it's like to be a match commentator in the recording booth, enjoy a game of foot pong, leaf through an interactive book of anecdotes, or test their general knowledge of OL...

Nokinomo is the creator of ten interactive devices: the Logo Game, the Jean-Michel Aulas Totem Pole, the Commentary Booth, the Book of Anecdotes, the Captains, the Simon Goal, the Foot Pong, the Skill Game, the OL Fondation Bumper and the Wall of Selfies.

Skill Game

In a special safe area surrounded by nets, you can show your skill with the ball. On the wall are projected targets of different sizes, the timer and and your score. You have one minute to see how many targets you can hit.

Foot pong

A mini football pitch is projected onto the ground so you can play a match. The game starts once both players are in position at either end of the pitch. Then it's just a matter of fancy footwork along your edge of the pitch to move the virtual block that projects the ball. Occasional obstacles come along (stones, puddles) to make the game harder. You have to keep on your toes – the ball accelerates as the match progresses!

Commentary booth

A chance to record your own commentary of a spectacular OL goal! If you like your performance, you can send yourself the video by email.

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Special interactive devices
Audiovisuel conception and production
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OL Le Musée
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OL Le Musée, Groupama Stadium, Lyon