Natural History Museum, Dragon exhibit

museum, exhibit, interactive space

For the new exhibit on dragons in the « great gallery of evolution », Nokinomo created 3 interactive spaces for the Museum of Natural History.

These devices consist in 3 cubes of 3 m x 3 m each presenting an element linked to dragons: earth, air and fire.

The visitors are invited to enter the cubes to discover the dragons hidden among the previous elements. Each element is interactive in a different way: for the Earth, the visitor must step on dragon’s footprint on the floor, for the Air, he must move his hands in front of the clouds and for the Fire, he must blow on the embers.

Thus, thanks to the different electronic sensors hidden in the 3 spaces, the visitor can mysteriously make the dragons appear or disappear.

This new creation between science and fiction represents Nokinomo’s philosophy, which is to use technical know-how and expertise on interactivity to inspire magical effects through simple and intuitive actions.