Interactive experiences, Maison Martell in Cognac

sensory journey, 360° projection, musical experience, quiz with printout, RFID

The new tour of Maison Martell: an interactive and immersive experience in Cognac, on its historic site of Gâtebourse.

A 360° overview of the vineyard in a spectacular and immersive circular space

In the center of the room, on the navigation table is an image of a swift, Martell’s emblem. By taking the bird in his hands and simply moving it down or up, visitors can climb above the roofs of Cognac to discover the different sites of the House, the terroirs of the region.

Piano Martell

By pressing the light spots, visitors can compose a melody with the sounds of the Martell cognac making process.

Some examples of music that you can compose with the piano:


C'est bon


Le temps

A la carte

Via a touch screen application, visitors are invited to discover Martell cocktails, click on the ingredients and print the recipe.

Wheel of Fortune

The visitor chooses to answer one of the questions written on the wheel. He has the choice between several answers. To select one, he turns the lower plate to position his answer under the question. If the answer is correct, an image corresponding to the answer appears in projection on the transparent glass.

Content-revealing glasses

Six augmented glasses are arranged on a shelf placed above a console. A pictogram appears on each of the glasses (plane, train, boat, etc.). On the console, six locations show these icons. When the visitor places the corresponding glass on the table, for example the glass with an airplane on the plane space, the menu served on board the Concorde will appear. Ditto for other reception venues.

Sounds and music
Graphic motion designer
Interactive experiences
La Méduse
Jean-Marc Simonnet
Edoardo Cecchin
F. Austerlitz & M. Blaise
Maison Martell, Cognac, France