Light animations on a plant wall

design, plant wall, urban nature

Amaury Gallon, botanist and landscape gardener has created Les Jardins de Babylone, specialised in the conception and realisation of plant walls. He opened in the area of the Sentier, in the heart of Paris, a new show room called La Galerie Verte. In this unique space, the exuberant plant life is everywhere. Two plant walls are presented there as well as a tree that could have been in the film Avatar.

To enhance the living nature of this unique garden, the Jardins de Babylone asked Nokinomo to imagine a lighted production that would illustrate the power of nature.

The light, projected or directly integrated among the plants, follows various scenarios that allow a constant renewal of the general atmosphere, revealing here and there the complexity and beauty of the plant life. A mysterious blue pulsation coming from the heart of the tree confers to the general scene a magical dimension.

La Galerie Verte, 6 rue des Jeûneurs 75 002 Paris.

Plant wall
Les jardins de Babylone
La Galerie Verte, Paris