Interactive football stadium

sport, interactive

Insport society develops indoor sport centres. Insport wanted to make their indoor football space interactive so that the players will feel what the professionals experiment. We proposed a transformation in several steps, the first one consisting in a sound experience.

As soon as the players enter the stadium, all the actions of the game are going to be accompanied by sound effects. Virtual reviewers comment the game, the score and its evolution. Ambient sound of a crowd can be heard. Every action is underlined by a reaction of the public and the supporter club can be chosen. All the sound tracks contribute to create the atmosphere of the stadium.

To make this work, Nokinomo developed a system consisting in sensors and cameras; all the data is analysed to know if a goal has been scored and how it happened. This system is extremely reactive since it detects a ball moving at 150km/h and entering a cage 50 cm deep.

This system allows detecting a whole series of events.