Five senses garden & aquatic sensory learning table

Water jets, sensory learning table, sensory patio, five senses garden

Aquatic sensory learning table

The aquatic sensory learning table, made of attractive red Corian® (a highly resistant mineral-acrylic surface), was designed and created by Nokinomo & Espace d'eau specifically for the MPI.

Continuously spurting little waterfalls attract children to the table, offering them visual and aural stimulation even before they touch. Six small acrylic tubes on the table allow interaction with the water devices.

Five of the tubes make water jets gush like fountains, while the sixth blows out air. When a child holds a lid or its own flattened hand over one of these small tubes, a water jet is activated, a vortex fills and overflows, or air bubbles travel up through a column of water.

Five Senses Garden

This garden, designed by Nicolas Paysage & Elagage (“Landscaping & Pruning”), was conceived as an intermediary area between an interior living space and a garden. It enables visitors to discover nature in a safe and protected environment. The 100m˛ wooden terrace has distinct zones, offering a variety of sensorial experiences to stimulate the five senses in fun ways.

Children can develop their sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing, through contact with beautiful flowers, rough or downy leaves, fragrant blooms, aromatic plants, textured pillars, edible fruit trees, grasses, rustling leaves, the sound of running water, the textured ground underfoot, and so on.


IME La Chalouère
49000 Angers / FRANCE

Contracting authority
Aquatic sensory learning table
Medico-Pedagogic Institute La Chalouère
Nicolas Paysage & Elagage
Espace d'eau & Nokinomo
Angers / France