Immersive fitness challenge

Treadmill, GoSport, immersive experience, sport, interactive installation

In September, GoSport launches its #LetsGo initiative designed to encourage Parisians to take up sport for the start of autumn.

Treadmills with screens

An immersive installation in the corridors of the Gare Lyon Station makes sport fun, inviting travellers to take part in a sporting challenge in order to win sports kit.

Two treadmills are connected to digital screens and offer participants a choice of three challenges (1 km in 5 min, 2.6 km in 10 min and 3.5 km in 15 min). The idea is to run to one of the three GoSport shops in the Capital without leaving the treadmill.

Once a challenge has been selected, the treadmill gets going gently and the changing landscape appears on the screen. At the bottom, the runner’s speed and distance run can be seen.

Participants who achieve their goal are given a pair of trainers, a watch or a running outfit.

The initiative has proven to be a resounding success - 300 participants ran more than 150 km in one day.

Watch the event on video

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