Interactive Projection in a nursery

Nursery, interactive wall, animated scenery, game, children

Nokinomo created an interactive projection system specially adapted for children aged 1-3 years old.

The systems functions on a totally intuitive basis and is very simple: an animated scene is projected on the wall. The children only have to touch the elements of the image (characters, animals, objects) to see them come alive. Visual and sound animations are started while children explore the wall.

All the content has been realized by Nokinomo. A first package of eight scenes along with several dozens of animations and sounds allow the children to project themselves in the situation they discover (the farm, the house, a fair, the four seasons…). This installation with a recreational and educative aspect can be used by groups of children. It favors cooperation and the participation of all and also, as it is obvious in the video, it answers the need for action of the children.