Green Office® totems - Bouygues & Steria in Meudon

Energy positive, street furniture, smart, LED, Green Office®

Green Office® Meudon is a groundbreaking concept originated by Bouygues Immobilier in 2008. The initiative opens the way toward a new generation of energy-positive office buildings. Steria, a European leader in IT solutions, has just signed a nine-year tenancy agreement together with an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which is a first in France.

Over the space of a year, the building produces more renewable energy than it consumes, thanks to a solar farm comprising 4,200m² worth of panels with an annual capacity of 450,000 kW/h, and a vegetable oil cogeneration plant which provides both electricity and heat.

Nokinomo partnered artist Bruno Macé in the design and construction of the two totems that stand outside the building.

The totems, conceived as examples of energy-positive smart street furniture, give a reading all day long of energy production and consumption levels in the Green Office® in Meudon.

Creation of the apparatus
Bruno Macé