Installation in the ephemeral Barbie Factory in Paris

Photocall, Barbie Factory, picture inlay, interactive installation

For ten days, in the ephemeral Barbie Factory in Rue de Sèvres, Paris, little girls can enjoy Barbie to the full via arts and crafts and other fun activities.
The cinema in the basement of the 200m² pop-up shop offers favourite Barbie episodes. In the creative workshop on the first floor, little girls can decorate rooms in Barbie’s house, taking their handiwork home if they wish.
For the ground floor, we have designed, developed and installed an exciting and exclusive activity that is sure to bring a big smile to little Barbie fan faces!

Interactive photo studio

Armed with a tablet, the Barbie Factory host lets little girls choose from a range of settings and accessories. The girls then strike their pose in front of a green screen, which allows them to see themselves in their favourite setting. Their photo is taken and given to them there and then to take home.

photocall Conception & development
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