Myro, a fun-loving robot

robotic, prototype, artificial intelligence, Futur en Seine, INNOV'UP Proto 2016 successful candidate, innovation

Who is Myro?

Myro is an Artificial Intelligence character, sociable and good-humoured, sitting behind a transparent digital touchscreen. He attracts your attention, interacts with you, entertains you, provides information and offers assistance.

Myro is a connected information and service provider. He is not only innovative, but surprising, captivating and amusing.

Myro has his own personality, sometimes jokey, sometimes sulky, but always curious! He creates a happy mod.

His talents

MMyro is an artist, who can draw, paint and sing with skill. He loves to interact with people and offers a whole range of fun activities (casual games, collaborative drawing, magic tricks...).

He uses his transparent screen to offer help, guides you to where you want to go by drawing directions on the map, tells you all the latest news and offers, but most of all, seeks to entertain you!


Presented at the 2017 Futur en Seine Festival

Successful candidate of the INNOV'UP PROTO 2016 funded by the Ile de France County Council, Myro, our fun-loving robot made a lasting impression on those who attended the Futur en Seine Innovation Festival at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris, at the Geek's Live Events and Heavent Expo.